Salmon Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

“White Shallot Restaurant”
3143 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117

What can I say, my taste buds actually hit a climax when I ate this dish. I ordered the saumen almondine which  was salmon, organic salad that was sided with bread. Sounds simple? Yes it was, but the taste of the salmon beats any restaurant salmon that I’ve ever tried. What made this dish so amazing was that the salmon was topped with almonds and had this type of glaze on top. I would never have imagined  eating salmon and almond on the same fork, but it was defiantly one of the best dishes I’ve ever ordered. It was so rich and filling that I barely finished my plate.  I would recommend this dish to President Obama, that’s how fantastic the salmon was. Defiantly on point. If you can, check this place out and order the salmon dish.  Hopefully they use the same cook who can serve it the very same way I had it. This dish will not disappoint you . YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! Did I mention this restaurant is budget friendly? No excuse, you must go.


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  1. Wow that does look really presentable and really its budget friendly??? DO you they have any vegetarian dishes that are worth my time?

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