Soft Salmon?

Id like to share a secret with you: I don’t like to eat raw fish. Trying  sushi that  is not  a vegetable takes some serious courage for  me to even think about trying it. But  because im on this food adventure, risks have to be taken.  The name of the sushi I ordered was Smoked Salmon which was stuffed with onions and seasoned to perfection with salt. The added onions did make it a bit spicy for some reason, but it was a good thing. The salmon was very soft and tender with a hint of that smoke taste. Im not sure if  that smoked salmon was suppose to be as soft as it was, but it scared me and I could not finish all eight sushi rolls. I guess my lack  bravery go the best of me after  eating 2 sushi rolls. If your a fan of eating raw fish, then this is defiantly something worth trying. I highly recommend it. YUM!


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