“Habana Cuba Restaurant”
238 Race Street
San Jose, CA 95126

Say hello to different! The name of this simple dish is Yuca Frita Cactus Root. Yes, a cactus root. I have never thought of eating any part of a cactus, but my experience was not disappointing. The dish looks like thick french fries, and surprisingly it tasted similar to potatoes. The dish also came with a garlic and olive oil sauce. The sauce was something different from what I am use to but it was not a bad sauce. The garlic gave the sauce a little spice to it. For those of you who are not too much of a garlic fan, it wouldn’t hurt to try the sauce just once, but for those of you who never had garlic and olive oil sauce, use caution.

I personally would not use the sauce for every cactus fry if I were to have this same dish again. The sauce is something that my body cannot tolerate after a certain LOW number of dips. Luckily, I was able to continue to complement these cactus roots with another sauce that was recommended later by the waiter. This sauce was a tomato sauce that looked similar to salsa. It was not spicy and it had small tomato chucks, union and bell pepper. I give this simple dish a YUM!


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