=== Common International Eateries ===


 For Californians who live in the bay area, we can pretty much agree  that there are common international restaurants that can be found in almost any city.

  Chinese Eateries

Their food is mostly fried and consists of rice, noodles, vegetables, won tons, egg rolls, and many soy based sauces. Some say Chinese food is a bit more greasy compared to other Asian cuisine, but I don’t mind it at all. At least you know your food will not be brittle and dry.

Vietnamese Eateries

Vietnamese food is quite similar to Chinese. Some small differences I noticed is that Vietnamese food is more steamed and tend to offer more  seafood in the diet. They also cook a lot with  rice vinegar  than  Chinese cuisines, which I believe is more of a healthier approach. Vietnamese are also known for their awesome soup called Pho, go  try it.

Indian Eateries

One word that describes Indian food in my opinion is spicy.  Indian cuisine surely has a lot of flavor in it  that offers a fun adventure in your mouth.  One of their main ingredient they use in their food is curry. That’s something you can not run away from , but it’s certainly worth a try.

Mexican Eateries

Mexican eateries is unavoidable. Point-blank. If you can’t find  a Mexican restaurant, then something is horribly wrong.  This type of food can pack a punch and also offers a variety of different dishes that caters to meat lovers all the way to vegetarians. This is probably my favorite type of food as I can conveniently find it anywhere.


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