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“SJ Omogari Korean Restaurant”
154 East Jackson St
San Jose, CA 95112

Such a famous Korean delicacy, kimchi. This dish is pretty much made of cabbage and cooked in a spicy reddish sauce. When I tried a small pice of this Korean dish, my first thought was “oh no”. Not only was it cold, it was very spicy. Both combinations in my mouth did not work out. I’m glad I only tried a small piece of this. I’ve not eaten much of the kimchi to really say what else was in it besides the cabbage, but im glad I only tried a small piece of it. I’m not use to eating my cabbage cold and spicy, which was probably why I didn’t like it. I would assume that kimchi is an acquired taste and not everyone will like it initially. But As much as I love cabbage, I cannot down kimchi, at all.YUUUCCKK!!