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Don’t Judge

“Spice Hut “
1086 N 1st St
San Jose, Ca 95126

I am not a huge fan of Indian food, but how I felt about it did not stop me from trying out this Nanini dish. This dish consisted of a selection of either beef, chicken, lamb, or tofu (I selected chicken), onion, green and red bell pepper, and Swiss cheese. This dish does not look like it would please anyone’s taste buds, but the only bad rating it gets is it’s color. This deceiving dish is actually very flavorful without it being spicy. The bread also pleased the buds with its firm and flaky texture. I would definitely have this dish as a favorite Indian dish. Yum

What’s This, A Taco?

“La Victoria Taqueria”
140 E San Carlos St
San Jose,CA 95112

 This joint was filled with San Jose State Students since it’s located  right near campus.  It had a lively and energetic feel to it with its orange colored wall.  Since I was in the mood  for something simple, I decided to order a cheese and salsa quesadilla… did I mention I ordered a quesadilla? When I got my order, I opened it to find a shocking surprise. What seemed to look like a taco was actually my dinky little quesadilla. Not only did it look like a taco, the shell was cooked hard like  a taco too. Could  I have gotten the wrong order? Read the rest of this entry