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Don’t Judge

“Spice Hut “
1086 N 1st St
San Jose, Ca 95126

I am not a huge fan of Indian food, but how I felt about it did not stop me from trying out this Nanini dish. This dish consisted of a selection of either beef, chicken, lamb, or tofu (I selected chicken), onion, green and red bell pepper, and Swiss cheese. This dish does not look like it would please anyone’s taste buds, but the only bad rating it gets is it’s color. This deceiving dish is actually very flavorful without it being spicy. The bread also pleased the buds with its firm and flaky texture. I would definitely have this dish as a favorite Indian dish. Yum


All About The Veggies

“SJ Omogari Korean Restaurant”
154 East Jackson St
San Jose, CA 95112

Panda Express has nothing on this Korean Stir Fry Chicken dish. A sign of whether or not i’d be satisfied with the food that I would order is if the aroma hit me right in the nose, which is what happened as I walked into this SJ Omogari Korean restaurant. A good smell from a restaurant says everything. This stir fried dish contained cabbage, broccoli, carrots, green onion, mushroom, and of course chopped boneless chicken sitting on top of white rice. Everything was nicely seasoned. If you are looking for a filling and inexpensive dish, then this dish is your hero. Yum!

Picture Says It All

“Pizza Pazza”
3905 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611

This is the lovely Spinach and Smoked Turkey pizza and it’s as good as it looks. I am sure that you have noticed that half of this pizza is without the turkey, but this was due to a few vegetarians sharing this wonderful meal. This pizza is not only unique because of its smoked turkey, but it’s crust is gluten free! YUM!

Thai Five

“Sa-by Thai Cuisine”
346 E. William Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Chicken Pad Thai equals spicy awesomeness.  The presentation of the meal  was presented on a big plate which got me really excited. Big plate means more food!this dish was mainly made up of chicken and noodles with cool stuff on the side like lime and shredded cabbage. They also added a surprise underneath the noodles which was crunched up peanuts.  I know it may sound a little off to add such an ingredient but it actually worked well with this dish. As I squeezed the lime juice on the Pad Thai, my mouth began to water  and it pretty much took over my senses. My fist bite was great and I knew I made the right selection, YUM.