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80 N Market
San Jose, CA 95113

Oh.. Man.. Talk about eating at a Jamaican restaurant! Boy o boy was the food tasty.This island dish consisted of jerk tofu, plantain,salad,and some type of Jamaican rice that was kickin. I must note that whatever flavoring/sauce they use on the jerk tofu was hot, by default of course. But its very bearable and flavorful.Everything was on point. YUMMMMMMM!


Scooby Snack

“Habana Cuba Restaurant”
238 Race Street
San Jose, CA 95126

This light and simple dish is called Tostones (Green Plantain). This is the perfect dish if you want to eat light while waiting for a heavy meal. I’ve had fried plantain before, but they still had some moister to them. These Ritz shaped tostones, however, were made as banana chips; light and crunchy. This dish also comes with a garlic and olive oil sauce, and this sauce is not a bad match with the banana chips, but eating this dish without the sauce is not bad either. Personally, I would just prefer eating the tostones by itself. YUM