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Fresh to Death




This is a fairly new Japanese restaurant. Its small, intimate, yet very classy and modern. I ordered the teriyaki salmon which came with a side of rice, miso soup and a salad. The salad was BOMB, miso soup was on point, and the rice was…just rice. Now for the teriyaki salmon. This fish was very fresh, to say the least. Im use to eating really cooked fish but this salmon was almost too tender and moist which I almost had to question if it was really cooked all the way. Despite my concerns, I ate it and lived. The teriyaki sauce that was on the side tasted a bite different than the usual teriyaki sauce, but it was a good type of different. Prices were very reasonable and I would recommend this Japanese joint to anyone. RATING A

Salmon Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

“White Shallot Restaurant”
3143 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117

What can I say, my taste buds actually hit a climax when I ate this dish. I ordered the saumen almondine which  was salmon, organic salad that was sided with bread. Sounds simple? Yes it was, but the taste of the salmon beats any restaurant salmon that I’ve ever tried. What made this dish so amazing was that the salmon was topped with almonds and had this type of glaze on top. I would never have imagined  eating salmon and almond on the same fork, but it was defiantly one of the best dishes I’ve ever ordered. It was so rich and filling that Read the rest of this entry