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Soft Salmon?

Id like to share a secret with you: I don’t like to eat raw fish. Trying  sushi that  is not  a vegetable takes some serious courage for  me to even think about trying it. But  because im on this food adventure, risks have to be taken.  The name of the sushi I ordered was Smoked Salmon which was stuffed with onions and seasoned to perfection with salt. The added onions did make it a bit spicy for some reason, but it was a good thing. The salmon was very soft and Read the rest of this entry

Rabbit Food

“Sushi Infinity”
The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

Yes you are seeing right. This sushi  had carrots in it. Pure fresh carrots.   I don’t know what made me want to order it,  but I guess it was the strange name Yamagobo (Burdock). At first, I asked the waitress what it was and she didn’t even know  or how to describe it, even after  she asked the cook. I thought  maybe it was some type of strange leafy vegetable that’s rare. When she gave me a sample, it was nothing but some carrots. Now, Im unsure if she lived under a rock, but I didn’t question  why she didn’t know, as I was too hungry to do any type of thinking on that level.  The carrot sushi was surprisingly Read the rest of this entry