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This Taco Needs Lotion

“La Victoria Taqueria”
140 E San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95112

This vegetable taco I ordered needed some serious help. As I opened the foil  to await great satisfaction, the taco looked like it had  gone through Hurricane Katrina. The shell  was flaky and it ripped when I was trying to hold it together. Not to mention it was terribly dry . They could at least warmed the shell  with a bit of oil to give the shell flexibility , somewhat like a taco lotion. One thing I really  dislike and cannot stand  is eating a dry taco shell. But on the  brighter side,   the vegetables that were  inside the taco was good. It consisted of rice, pinto beans, lettuce,salsa, and cheese. The combination was excellent with a hint of  a spice from the salsa. Id have to give this meal a..YUCK, the shell just didn’t do me justice.