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Not Minty Fresh..

Hoi An Bistro”
374 E Santa Clara St
San Jose, CA 95112 

My first travel spot was to a Vietnamese restaurant simply because it was new and the inside looked so colorful. I had hoped the food was as attractive as their interior. After going through the menu with various facial expressions, I finally decided to order the shredded gourmet tofu and vermicelli. I had to ask the waiter what vermicelli was and he told me it’s a type of¬†noodle. Now I assumed I’d be having a bowl full of luscious noodles covered in savory sauce with tofu on it, Mmmm my idea of tasty! But reality soon hit when I got the bowl and it looked like a dry salad with sprinkles of tofu shreds. I guess I picked the wrong dish to eat on with my stomach on E. The dish was arranged with the noodles being placed at the very bottom and on top was bean sprouts with lettuce and tofu shreds. I concluded it was an OK dish, until I bit into this devilish thing called

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